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Unfortunately, this is sort of a farewell. With the rise in AI design and 3D printers taking over, as well as social media dimming a lot of artists, I cannot continue to make this a thing for me anymore. It has become far too stressful trying to keep up with bills, while competing with 3D printing prices, when I am spending countless manual hours creating something by hand, using a skill that i have developed over 9 years, and it's not fair to myself to cut myself short for that reason. I even tried cutting labor by sculpting and casting, and it still comes down to my posts not getting out there, and not having the time to prep for a convention while still having a life. I have been fighting against the grain to become noticed for my art enough to not have to worry about this, but it has become far too depressing to keep fighting after 9 years, and it has done a real number on my mental health, and impacted my life more negatively than positively. I just don't have it anymore. I do not feel any kind of joy from it anymore because it has become so stressful. I haven't had a life in about 7 or 8 years, and life is passing me by. I will continue to create! but on my own terms, and at my own pace, and will no longer be taking custom orders once I have finished the pieces I already have booked. I will be moving on to try my hand at tattooing, and if that doesn't work out, I am going back to being a hidden gem in West Springfield, working a 9-5. So once everything in this online shop is gone, I will either be taking down the site and starting up a new site that will be just a gallery for all past and continuing art, or I will be taking down this site completely, starting a new one with just a gallery, and will only be selling my pieces that I do end up creating, through my Etsy or by contacting me through social media when I post something, and they will be listed as true worth. Well thank you to the people who continued to support my work over the years! Maybe you will be able to sport some of my skin art one day! here’s to the next chapter <3

My sculptures are NOT mass produced statues. ONE OF A KIND means there is only ONE in existance. These are real pieces of art, ALL meticulously created and painted by hand.  Support local artists and small businesses by purchasing quality artwork instead of mass produced garbage.

All sculptures and other artworks are copyrighted, and reproduction of any kind will be punishable by law.

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