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Art Prints

Pet Sculptures, Mutant Flytrap Sculptures, Dab Tools & Halloween Masks by Category:

Mutated Venus Flytrap Sculptures 

These are mutant flytrap sculptures. All hand sculpted and hand painted or airbrushed. They are sculpted from clay (yes. even the teeth!), and painted or airbrushed with acrylics. Some are themed (Pinhead, Chatterer, Gwar, Pumpkinhead, Freddy, Beetlejuice, etc...), and some are just creative plants I created from my own twisted mind :) I,m all about making things that people have never seen before, and I love putting my creativity to the test! They are all ONE OF A KIND. I DO NOT REPLICATE PLANT SCULPTURES OR CUSTOM ORDERS.

Limited Editions

Miscellaneous Sculptures
These are one of a kind sculptures I have done. Frogs, magnetic sculptures, mashup creatures, mutant fish, glow in the dark light switch plates, etc... All hand sculpted from clay, and hand painted with acrylics.

Latex Halloween Masks

These masks were all created by me. The designs used for my mask molds were all hand sculpted from scratch, so you will not find these particular masks anywhere else. They are thick casted from high grade latex and meticulously airbrushed with quality mask paints (not like those cheap plasticky masks you buy at your local store around Halloween, that are mass produced and cheaply made in China)

There are very fine details in all of these masks. These masks have realistic skin texture and other details that were hand sculpted throughout the whole mask, some are literally molded with a gashes and actually stitched up with hemp cord or rounded leather cording. I have Included closeup photos of textures along with the masks. These look even better in person! I do not keep all designs around forever. They get retired after a certain quantity is produced.

Each creature is limited to 10 or less pieces.

"Pets With Petals" Pet Portrait Sculptures

These are hand sculpted and hand painted sculptures of peoples' pets mounted on a pedestal, urn, or base of your choice. They are accented with beautiful silk flowers. I cut the petals and airbrush them to the type and color of your choice. Included, is a pet tag with Message of your choice (in loving memory of, Name, dates, nickname, etc...)(tag style may vary). Some are memorial pieces, and some are for people who just adore their fur babies. These take anywhere from 11-15 hours, and the head itself is about the size of a baseball. In order to have it done to look just like your pet, I do need several good quality photos of: both sides of the face, top of head, front of face, and back of the head. Pictures cannot be under, or overexposed, and must be without filters (black and white, sepia, etc...). For custom inquiries, please click "contact for custom work"

Dab Tools / Dabbers & Chillums

These are all high quality craftsmanship, hand sculpted and hand painted, one of a kind dabbers! These are NOT replicated, and they are all designed and created by me. So when you buy one, you are receiving an original work of art! That means if you have it, nobody else in the world does! These are made of shatter resistant polymer clay, and painted with acrylics, then coated with a thin layer of glass to protect the paint from wear, and you can wipe it down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. I just started making these, and I can barely keep them in stock, so if you see one you like, grab it while you can! These are for legal & medical use only. Otherwise they can be used for home decorating purposes.

Holiday Themed/ Seasonal Sculptures

These are hand sculpted and hand painted sculptures, that are either Holiday themed or seasonal themed (Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, winter, etc...)

Acrylic Paintings 2015-present

I started painting on canvas in 2015. These are listed from most present to oldest.

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