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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

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2 NEW CAFFIENDS COMING June 3rd @ 7:30pm EST!

Will update if any delays. You can't rush masterpieces!

ALL MAJOR Debit & CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED, Including: PayPal, PayPal Credit, PayPal "Pay in 4"

Paypal is just the payment portal, you do not need an account to check out.

My sculptures are NOT mass produced statues. ONE OF A KIND means there is only ONE in existance. These are real pieces of art, ALL meticulously created and painted by hand.  Support local artists and small businesses by purchasing quality artwork instead of mass produced garbage.

All sculptures and other artworks are copyrighted, and reproduction of any kind will be punishable by law.


All Seasonal Sculptures Mutant Fly Traps Magnetic Sculptures Latex Masks Acrylic Paintings Miscellaneous Creatures Limited Editions Prints Blank PIY Sculptures Tubes Apparel Keychains Jumping Spider Enclosure Decor TICKETS FOR NON PROFIT RAFFLE Drinkware Kitchenware Chillums Waterpipes RAFFLE Pipes Phone Grips
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