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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

Buy Stuff!

Buy Stuff!

*JUST PAINT* additional paint for blank resin sculpture


LIQUITEX ACRYLIC PAINT (The same paint I use on all my sculptures)

  1. Monster Color Pallette- Black, White, Deep Red, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Hooker Green
  2. Standard Color Pallette- Black, White, Deep Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  3. Nosferatoof Pallette- White, Black, Deep Red, Raw sienna, Raw Umber, Deep Purple
  4. Rotten Ravioli Pallette- White, Black, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Yellow Oxide, Deep red (In case you want to add tomato sauce)
  5. Blue Horned Cyclops Demon- Black, White, Deep Red, Pthalo Blue, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna (For red cyclops demon use #1 monster pallette)
  6. Alien Pallette- Black, White, Raw Sienna, Pthalo blue, Hooker green, Deep Red
  7. Fun Colors- Bright Blue, Slime Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange
  8. Black & White- (3) Black & (3) White


6.25 ml pods of each color. Enough for 2-3 blank sculptures

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