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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

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"The Battle" Sculpture (ribbon available in all colors)


This sculpture represents the horrid battle of cancer.

ALL profits will be donated to my friend Debra Hathaway, who is currently battling breast cancer for the second time and in need of help. Please help her out by purchasing a sculpture.

The monster, having many cancerous related features, represents cancer and is being choked out by the ribbon. The ribbon is worn and tattered, but still holding strong! The ribbon represents strength, and the physical wear to fight this disease, for both pets and people!

This makes a great gift for someone with a unique taste, that is battling or has beaten this disease, or for yourself who is battling or has battled and beat it! Or purchase one just to show your love and support to those who are or have fought this aweful disease.

  • Created by Jaed Demers
  • Made from high impact resin
  • Hand Painted with acrylics
  • Teeth individually hand sculpted & painted
  • Teeth, tongue and transluscent excretion puddle glassed for wet look
  • Drool
  • Size reference shown in last photo with gift card

Many of us know that this battle not only physically and mentally drains people and our furry family members, fighting this disease, but also is financially draining. The medications, supplements, vitamins, foods, medical bills, etc... In light of a friend of mine who has been battling breast cancer the past couple years, and going in for another surgical procedure at the end of August, I made this sculpture to help her out a bit with those bills.

I'm donating $40 per cancer sculpture sold, to her to help pay for all those things she needs. By purchasing this sculpture, not only are you supporting a small time artist, but you're also donating to a cause and helping someone <3

Please allow 1-10 business days to be made and shipped, depending on order volume.

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