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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

Buy Stuff!

Buy Stuff!

Latex Mask with real leather straps: Skinned Face, Leatherface Inspired


This is a leatherface inspired latex mask

This would make a great addition to a cosplay costume! 

This mask can be custom ordered to be painted like a clown or the Joker for a derranged Batman costume @ $115. Please email me for clown painted skinned face. Become your Batman.

  • Made by Jaed Demers
  • One of a kind face
  • This mask is made of high grade latex 
  • Meticulously airbrushed with high quality mask paints 
  • Inside of the mask is painted bloody for realistic look
  • The stitching in the mask is rounded leather cord 
  • Straps are real leather with a brass slide buckle and riveted with brass colored rivets.

There is a lot of realistic skin textures in this mask, as you can see in the photos.These are made to order. So please allow 4-10 business days to be made and shipped, depending on order volume.

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