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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

Buy Stuff!

Buy Stuff!

Glow-In-The-Dark Monster Mouth Light Switch Plate


This is a standard size light switch plate. Approx 5" wide. Fits any standard single light switch.

Each one is made from shatter resistant clay, hand sculpted and hand painted, then glassed to protect the teeth from wear and give them a realistic look. The teeth glow in the dark, so it's easy to find the light switch in the dark! Want your kids to stay in bed at night? Problem solved ;) Have people that angrily slap the light switches off? Problem solved. This light switch doesn't take getting slapped around. It bites back :lol:

These are made to order. So please Allow 4-14 Business days to be made and shipped, depending on order volume.

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