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Home of The Strange & Fanged

Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

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These are original pieces of art. Nobody else has these! each one is individually hand sculpted and hand painted! NO molds or castings involved! Each one takes between 6 and 30 hours, depending on the size, and detail. They look 100% better in person. There is lots of painting and sculpting detail involved in each one. I put a lot of time and effort into each one of these little minions. You will NEVER recieve any of my art with less than a perfect paint job! I take pride in my work and will never do any piece sloppy! THAT is guaranteed!

There are no refunds or exchanges, due to fragility of these items.

They will be properly packaged to ensure safe delivery.

If you are local, pick-up is available.


All Seasonal Sculptures Mutant Fly Traps Magnetic Sculptures Latex Masks Acrylic Paintings Miscellaneous Creatures Limited Editions Prints Blank PIY Sculptures Tubes Apparel Keychains Jumping Spider Enclosure Decor TICKETS FOR NON PROFIT RAFFLE Drinkware Kitchenware Chillums Waterpipes RAFFLE Pipes
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