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Original Sculptures & Latex Masks By Jaed Demers

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Zombie Face Mask Covering

From The Strange & Deranged, To The Fun & Furry...But Mostly Strange & Fanged

I make monster hearts for Valentine's day, Jack-o-lanterns & masks for HalloweenRotten painted eggs for Easter, Evil Snowmen for Winter, Cupcakes for Birthdays, Dabbers for stoners & much more! Every sculpture and painting is a one-of-a-kind original piece of art!

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Custom Plants

Each piece is a hand sculpted & hand painted ONE OF A KIND! Such as this dilophofloras plant. I can take any of your favorite characters, animals, creatures, etc..., and mash it into a plant sculpture to create something NOBODY ELSE has or has ever seen before! Check out all my themed plant mashups in the photo gallery

Custom Creatures

I can take the best qualities from a number of your favorite animals or zodiac animals, and mash it up into a super cute or super vicious ultimate creature, such as this Rabookey! Check them out in the photo gallery.

Pets With Petals

No. this is not taxidermy...it's clay. Did you, or do you have a friend, that recently lost a pet? This is a great way to remember them. A custom pet sculpture. Each piece is hand sculpted and hand painted using reference photos of the pet. (See Photo Gallery). 

You must have good quality photos of your pet. Both sides of face, top of head, and front of face. Contact me by email with photos of the pet. No added filters, overexposed, underexposed, or blurry pictures, please.