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Striped Yellow Slug Mutation #3 of 7


This is a yellow striped slug mutation

Full Size: 6" (laying flat)


Lifespan: Unknown

These guys have a ferocious appetite! They do not move very fast, but they can stick to glass, so house them in an enclosure. These creatures do not require any type of heat source as their skin is very sensitive to direct heat source. They do well in a moderate humidity regulated by house temperatures, with damp dirt. They do not require a water source as they absorb the moisture from their environment. They like to be handfed as they are a sit-and-wait type predator, and they do not move until food is close enough to their mouth to close down on it. They consume as a snake does, swallowing their prey whole, first injecting a paralyzing venom to their prey, so watch your fingers, tongs recommended. Their main diet consists of worms, mice, roaches and sometimes fish, but they will eat anything. These are not gender specific creatures, so they may reproduce on their own. Keep an eye out for round, clear, jelly-like sacs, those are egg sacs. I would recommend keeping all other pets away from your slug creature. Just kidding

One of a kind art piece by Jaed Demers

Approx 4.25"x 4"

Hand painted, quality, solid resin. Each painted differently to make it a one of a kind.

Limited to 7 pieces.

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